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Latinos en Calgary


Shelters struggle to keep up with skyrocketing demand for pet adoptions during COVID-19

When Miranda Pearson set out to adopt a pet in June, she had no idea what a challenge it would be.

Teenager missing after jumping off Prince of Wales Bridge

A 14-year-old boy is missing after he jumped into the water off the abandoned Prince of Wales Bridge Friday night and didn't resurface.  Young people had gathered on the roughly 140-year-old...

El horror de la violencia en México: 24 muertos en un ataque en centro de rehabilitación

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (AP) — Varios hombres armados irrumpieron el miércoles en un centro de rehabilitación no registrado en la región central de México...

Ministro de la Presidencia de Bolivia da positivo al coronavirus

El ministro de la Presidencia de Bolivia, Yerko Núñez, dio positivo al coronavirus, informó este jueves su colega de Salud, Eidy Roca.

Masked battleground: While the U.S. goes to war over masks, it’s apathy in these parts

Just as the Atlantic bubble kicked into gear on Friday, business at St. John's International Airport changed in a notable way. While travel among the four Atlantic provinces...

Mueren 12 sicarios en un choque con militares en el noreste de México

  Monterrey (México), 3 jul (EFE).- Un ataque de un grupo armado identificado como miembros del Cartel del Noreste (CDN) contra militares dejó doce presuntos...

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Alberta Children's Hospital (ACH)


Singer built her community in just 2 years

His wherein male land form. Own whose they're gathered is let male kind from. A you'll life waters evening fly female won't...

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